For the fifth time in a row, the art photographer Angela Liebich is on her way through her hometown Leipzig and staging the architecture city in a completely new way with surreal picture stories. Angela captures an exceptional view of Leipzig and draws attention to the cultural treasures. She wants to capture the essence and changes in the city with her camera.

The focus is not only on famous buildings in Leipzig but also on hidden architectural details that are of great historical value and yet are often neglected. The result of Angela Liebich's trips through the city with a camera are artfully and imaginatively arranged pictures with which the new art calendar of the series "Fantastic Leipzig" awakens the desire to rediscover familiar and hidden places with different eyes.

With her pictures, the architecture of the city becomes an inspiration for unusual feelings, which are breathtakingly beautiful in the views of all Leipzig lovers.

The photo calendar "Fantastisches Leipzig" has been published in just 2,000 copies. The calendars can be purchased in Angela Liebich's online shop or from the publisher until December 23rd.

The Fantastisches Leipzig photo calendar has a price tag of 34.90 euros.


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