Renault is at the top when it comes to the most sold electric cars in Europe so far this year. Compared to 2019, Renault has increased by 74% and Renault ZOE is still the most popular electric car.

The electric car market in Europe is growing steadily. A total of 507,833 electric cars have been registered so far. That is about 70% more electric cars than in October 2019. Despite the increase, electric cars account for only 4.58% of the number of cars produced.

Renault has been in the electric car market since 2010 and is the car brand that has sold the most electric cars in total - a total of almost 337,000 electric cars. Tesla sold about 281,000 electric cars and Nissan with just over 215,000. Renault ZOE leads with 253,000 units. There are 73,000 more cars than the Nissan Leaf that sold almost 180,000 electric cars in Europe and 110,000 more than the Tesla Model 3 that were sold in just over 143,000 copies.

The October sales this year show that the VW ID3 is moving forward and taking the lead monthly for the first time with 10,059 cars sold. ZOE is not far behind with 9,848 items sold. Third place goes to Hyundai Kona, which has sold 5,052 cars. Renault still has the lead in the European electric car market "year to date". Here, the market share for Renault is 16.4%, for Tesla 13.2% and VW is at 12.5%.

In terms of model:

1. Renault ZOE is in the lead with 74,000 cars sold (14.7%)

2. Tesla Model 3 with 51,000 cars (10.1%)

3. Hyundai Kona takes 3rd place with almost 31,000 cars sold (6.1%).


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