The psychology of colours has taught us that colour stimuli are an active part of our development. They are found in our environment and, they are loaded with cultural meanings while allowing us to evoke sensations, perceptions, thoughts, ideas and judgments. Today we fully immerse ourselves in one of them, in the pink colour.

Twelve different shades of pink create the identity of this rental apartment that the Patricia Bustos Studio designed in Madrid. The pink apartment measures 55 m² and originally housed just one bedroom and one bathroom, but now the floor plan has been reconfigured to accommodate larger groups coming to town for vacation.

Presently, the apartment has two bedrooms and an additional bathroom, while the kitchen has also been separated from the living room so that, if necessary, two more guests can be accommodated here.

The pink scheme is interrupted only by a few details like the kitchen cabinets.

The impressive dining room uses the textures of the iridescent seats to add depth to the space. Like most of the furniture included in the apartment, the seats are designed in simple forms in a modernist style. These clever tricks allow the real pink to take centre stage, while the physical forms create clean lines and a simplicity that gives a certain calm and tranquillity.

@ Patricia Bustos Studios: Website

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