A witch who hates children plans to turn children around the world into mice. The leader of the witches is the Grand High Witch (Anne Hathaway). Three children who have been transformed into mice dare to stop the witches' plans.

In the end, the soup that the witches plan to drink is filled with a medicine that turns them into mice, and the witches who drank the soup turn into mice one after another.

The Grand High Witch also caught his leg in a mousetrap, and at the moment he opened his mouth to the pain, he was given medicine and became a mouse. In the end, it is eaten by a cat owned by the Grand High Witch himself.

The children who were turned into mice decided to live as mice without returning to humans and enjoyed the rest of their lives. It's a work that has a very good tempo and can be thrilling.

The Witches trailer: youtube.com


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