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Om Data Entry India is a work-dedicated business processing outsourcing company offering you revolutionary data entry and data processing solutions for many years. Founded by Anita Khatavkar at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, our company has been serving clients across the globe with our exclusive data entry services.

We have created and coached a competent group of data entry operators who are now working in teams to get top-quality, highly precise, low-cost, and comprehensive outcomes for all your BPO and non-core service requirements. Our experts are trained to work for every vertical which may include corporate, finance, education, real estate, legal, medical, engineering, food, social, and individual fields. Try our Free Trial Run before choosing your data entry outsourcing partner and feel free to contact our customer support team for further information.

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Ford will share data on potentially dangerous traffic situations with connected car models from various car brands. This is part of a historic agreement on data sharing to improve traffic...